Help & Hope Counceling services take care of mental health

Help & Hope Counseling services know that mental health can be intimidating, but mental health awareness has grown exponentially, and we are expanding our role in spreading awareness in our communities.

Our goal is to provide you with the help you hope to receive. By creating a team-based approach to wellness, our clients feel like they’re part of a community of individuals working together towards the goal of a healthier, happier, and kinder world.

When it comes to psychological health, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We’ve built our practice around a team-based approach to mental health, giving every client access to personalized solutions and specialists.


We’re In-Network

We think it’s about time that people are able to take their wellness into their own hands. So our doctors are in-network with most major health insurance providers. You get access to an amazing community of specialists with the peace of mind that you are covered.



A Team-Based Approach to Wellness

There’s a movement happening where many individuals are pursuing their own betterment. We’ve built our practice and counseling services on the expertise and passion of our team.

Composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, nutritionists and more, we believe that every client deserves a customized plan, and a team dedicated to making it a reality.

Come meet the people that make the Happier Living vision possible, and get to know the team that will be helping you live a happier, healthier life.

Meat Our Team

State of the Art Facilities

We’ve created spaces that inspire the very best results for both our clients and our clinicians.



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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • This is the first time I am being challenged and encouraged to get out of my comfort zone in a healthy way. I am being told that the practice is going to add further services, and I look forward to continuing my growth with them.
  • We often looked to start couples' counseling but were very hesitant. Starting with Nermeen was eye-opening. We were afraid of being vulnerable, but Nermeen allowed us to open up about ourselves and be more willing to work on our relationship.
  • No hidden costs, and no misleading information. I love the holistic approach and would love to keep working on myself and continue my growth.
  • I know myself better than ever before. I feel happier expressing myself, showing different sides of me to others, and letting others show their different sides to me. I feel less anxious and more able to pursue the things I really love.